Buying Your Property

Being prepared and organized is key when you are looking to invest in a new property and the local experts at Gateway City Realty in Ketchikan are standing by ready to assist, so that you’re steps ahead during the entire process and looking forward in confidence.

Are you a first-time homebuyer? If this is true, the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation is a great place to start, however, first and foremost, it’s important that you begin working with a trusted lender to become prequalified for your new mortgage. Mortgage bankers and real estate loan specialists outline your current financial situation and further assist you by providing goals to accomplish in the meantime to increase your overall prequalifying finance options.

Besides knowing how much you can borrow initially or which type of property to invest in, home ownership or real estate, in general, is an opportunity to transform dreams into reality. Buying your property is an exciting experience and can involve a few expected logistical challenges along the way, especially for those with demanding work schedules or families to care for during the week.

The team at Gateway City Realty warmly invites you to meet with them in person to get started on your journey today!

Please feel free to call our office or to email us directly and we look forward to working with you.